Dealing with the ‘ick’.

Yep, we’ve all been there.

Whether you’ve heard of the term ‘ick’ before or not, it is almost a guarantee that you’ve experienced it at least once in your dating life. For those who don’t know, let me fill you in. The ‘ick’ is that sick, slightly repulsed (as harsh as it sounds) feeling you get after dating someone, even if the relationship started off on a high. (Most recently Leanne caught the ick for Mike- for those of you who are LI watchers!) Most of the time, you don’t know how or why the ick developed but once it’s with you, there’s little hope in going back. And it’s through no fault of your own. Or his for that matter. It just creeps up on you.

Now, some say to push past the ick. To try and ignore those feelings of ‘don’t touch me’ or ‘can you just go away’. But to be honest, the ick is a gut feeling and you should always listen to that! If it’s something minor, like you not liking a shirt he wears, then move past it. But if the ick is starting to interfere with your sexual life or day-to-day romance, then cut all ties ladies! It’s not meant to be.  

Why do we get the ‘ick’?

It is rather confusing when you are in a seemingly strong relationship with someone and then the ‘ick’ begins to develop. But most of the time, developing the ick comes from another factor other than communication. Some of the most common being smell, behaviours, beliefs and values to the point where even looking at the person can give you the creeps.

However, experts in the ‘ick-mosphere’ say that developing the ick is a good way to self-reflect. Thinking that you’re too picky maybe shows something about your own abilities, or wants, to get into a serious relationship. If someone is really putting you off over the smallest thing, are you really ready for a committed relationship? Or is the single life treating you a little too well?

How do you know you’ve got the ‘ick’?

Trust me, once you know, you know. It’s a feeling that you won’t be able to ignore. Each sign of the ‘ick’ developing is different for each person. For me, it’s when you feel no sexual or romantic desire for them. If you can’t see yourself sleeping in the same bed as them or being around them in that kind of way *wink*, then that is a good enough sign.

For a relationship to work you have to be sexually attracted to them. So, if the ‘ick’ interferes with that, you have to realise it and move on.

Huda Beauty

Can you get rid of it?

Sometimes the ‘ick’ comes in thick and fast which can be quite overwhelming. One week you are head over heels, and the next you are cringing at the slightest touch of him. If the ick is over something fairly insignificant, like the way he makes his cup of tea, then moving past the icky stage may be easy to shake it off. But, if the ick is there for a more significant reason, like hump day, than I’m afraid the ick is there to stay. And probably if you do have the ick, moving on and finding a relationship that does tickle your fancy, won’t be a hard thing to do. Boy… bye.

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