Masturbation – why women need to embrace it more

It’s all about self love ladies!

We all know men wank. In fact, if I could be a man for a day it would probably be the one thing I’d do. Once boys discover that they can make themselves feel that feeling, it becomes their new obsession. I’m talking Sex Education, Series 2, Episode 1 vibes… if you know, you know. Every little thing turns them on, and they’re not shy to talk about it either. They love talking about their favourite pornos, or all the hot teachers “that would get it”. But what about girls? Why is it that only boys get the luxury of this insane feeling? They don’t! Girls get it too. In-fact, a female orgasm can last almost double the amount of time that a male orgasm can. Our orgasms are insane! But we don’t talk about it. 

I remember at school; boys would almost announce that they had started masturbating. Yet girls would squirm and desperately deny that they had ever even seen their own vagina, let alone touch it. But I can probably vouch for almost every girl at school and say; we definitely did do it. It was just too much of a taboo to talk about it. 

We need to embrace masturbation more, it’s good for us! When you orgasm, Oxytocin is released into our blood stream which makes us calmer and less stressed. It also allows us to get a better sleep and boosts the amount of oestrogen in your system which helps to prevent ageing skin (essentially masturbating keeps us young). 

We need to embrace masturbation more, it’s good for us!

I’m not saying masturbating is better than sex, both are pretty good in my book, but I’m also not saying that it’s wrong to masturbate if you are having regular sex too. It’s good to learn what your body likes and doesn’t like. Because understanding your body will only benefit your sex life, as you’ll know exactly what gets you going. It also allows us to be fully centred on ourselves, think of it as the best “me time” you can get. 

Girls are spoilt for options for sex toys as well. There are toys that go inside you and some that don’t, some that vibrate and some that literally send sonic waves down the entire length of your clit (did you know that the clitoris is actually pretty long?), there’s also butt toys now if you’re into that. The choice is vast. So, if you are struggling to orgasm by yourself, explore the market! Masturbating is for everyone, not just boys. They may be almost constantly horny, but it doesn’t mean that sexual activities are therefore only reserved for them. Women can love sex too and they want an orgasm just as much as men, so go get it ladies!

Here are a selection of some of the best sex toys:

Huda Beauty
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