Fuckboy alert!

Keep an eye out ladies

I know many of you will agree with me when I say this. I love the bad boys. I’m just drawn to them. Without sugar coating it, if they treat me like crap and only want me for one thing, I just can’t resist.

Everyone says how they hate cockiness. That it’s their biggest turn off, but I secretly love it. It is such a downfall of mine because it has gotten me caught up in some sticky situations when it comes to guys. And no matter how many times your friends say, ‘you deserve more than him’ or ‘stay clear’, all it does is make you want them more. Very weirdly, you want to get your heart broken by them.

The truth is, is that you always want what you can’t have. And it’s a very specific kind of boy that we want. Introducing, the fuckboy. Now they are often hard to spot sometimes, because the art of being a fuckboy is that you don’t let out that you are one. They truly understand girls and the way they function. They fully well know that if they can get a girl ‘hooked’ onto them, they have the power to do what they want with you. They feel like they can mess you about and treat you like crap without you even noticing.

So, here are the signs to know you’re dealing with one:

  1. He makes promises he can’t keep

Fuckboys really know how to play with your head. They can make you feel like the only girl. They use their charm and (most of the time) very good looks to lure you into their trap. He’ll say one thing and mean something the complete opposite. Or promise to take you out and never do. All these empty promises are warning signs that he just really isn’t interested in getting to know you.

2. He only wants you at certain times (eg, when he’s drunk)

Huda Beauty

It’s always a tricky one because we all know what it’s like when you’re on a night out and have a few drinks down you. The temptation is very strong- and it works both ways, for men and women. But if he constantly wants you ONLY on nights out when he can barely see straight, it’s time to drop that one and move on. He clearly only has one thing in mind.

3. He kicks you out straight away (doesn’t let you stay over)

If you happen to get lucky and go back with a boy who kicks you out at the crack to dawn, abort. It is such an obvious sign that he just really doesn’t want anything from you… other than one thing. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it feels like shit but you just have to realise that nothing will change him, he doesn’t deserve you and appreciate that you- hopefully- enjoyed your night.  

4. He doesn’t want to actually get to know you or go on dates

This is one of the biggest indicators. If two or three weeks have gone by where you’ve been talking to someone and they don’t ask you out, bin them. Okay, maybe they are nervous but if you’ve given the signs and nothing’s happening, don’t bother wasting your time.

So, as much as we want them, you have to realise that really you are worth so much more. You deserve someone that isn’t going to mess you around and sadly treat you like a number on his list. It is so hard to recognise that you deserve more, simply because you are just so drawn to them and at times (on the rare occasion) they can actually make you feel somewhat special.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in enjoying yourself, just do it in the right and respectful way. It is hard, especially when you are the type to get attached quickly. So, just recognise that when YOU have to break that connection for your own good, that is when you really know that there is absolutely nothing that this guy has that you don’t deserve. It’s all about respecting and standing up for yourself.

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