How to be single (isolation version)

Are you single and self-isolating? No need to panic

Obviously, the Coronavirus outbreak has put a huge pause on many things in life. We are all floating in the middle of nowhere at the moment, not really having a clue what to do with ourselves or how to get from one day to the next. Or even the next hour so it seems.

Up until this social-distancing thing happened, I think I can say for myself that being single is quite a bit of fun. For us single ones, going on nights out and just enjoying ourselves was the only way we knew. And now, we’ve been put in a situation where our way of getting some attention has been locked up (literally).

So now, being in isolation, I think we can agree that its hard being on your own and not having a man to chill with… and other things of course.  Yes, I would be lying if I haven’t thought to myself ‘wtf am I going to do on my own? How long will it be until I even sleep or kiss someone again.’ All those things ran through my mind thinking I’d be alone for a while. But truth be told, I really got over it. And so will you. Here’s how:

  1. Focus on yourself:

It really may suck right now. And honestly you may feel more alone than ever before. But really try and take this time out to your advantage. The whole situation is very sad, but try and find the good in the bad and use this opportunity to be selfish. Think about yourself and how awesome you are without a guy in your life.

2. Put the phone away:

When your trapped indoors, the temptation to spent hours staring at your phone screen is hard to resist. Endlessly scrolling to check in on friends and to see what people have been up to may only remind you of the fact that you’re single. So instead, put the phone down and do something more beneficial. Make a meal plan, go for a walk, read a book. While everyone is physically distancing, take some time and distance yourself digitally. It will do you some good.

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3. Chill:

So many people have spoken about taking time to ‘improve yourself’ while in isolation. Obviously its important to keep up your health, maybe learn something new but I also think its important to just relax. Catch up on some Netflix, enjoy some pampering and eat some good food (or any food you can find right now) As devastating as this virus is, its not often that we’ll get this time off, so enjoy it as best as you can.

4. Be with friends and family (in a safe way obvs)

This is a really great time to reconnect with loved ones. Whether that’s chilling in the house with people you live with, Facetime conversations or walks in the park, really take the time to catch up with the people you care about when the stresses and business of usual life makes doing that a challenge. Recognise how important the people who love you are and focus your energy and love on them. Not a guy who isn’t there.  

It will be hard to start with. All I’ve thought about is the fact that this virus has wasted my time when it comes to finding someone. But the thing is, is that this will all end. It may take a while but hopefully sooner rather than later things will go back to normal and you can get back out there again. Having some time off dating does not mean that you’re behind. Everyone is in the same boat and a guy will come along. So, take the time to focus on you.

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