The taboo of asking for a condom

No glove, no love.

Okay. It’s time to talk condoms. Last week, before the world went into complete mayhem, I somehow managed to bring a boy back after a very (emphasis on ‘very’) drunken night. I know, typical university student. Now, despite having the IUD (check previous post) I had never met this guy before and figured that in the situation, it would be better to be safe than sorry. So, I did thing that all girls should be able to do and asked to use a condom. I know they are annoying and make things slightly harder for the guy, but in the situation, I really didn’t fancy risking it.

Now, I’d be lying to say that I’ve never been in this situation before. I’ve had to ask before as I’ve never been on any form of contraception until now. Plus, I’m the biggest hypochondriac you’ll meet. So, it’s fair enough to say that I have become fairly confident in knowing how to ask a guy.

But it got me thinking, why is it such a big thing for girls to ask for a condom. I for sure have been in a situation where I have felt awkward in asking. And I don’t really know why. What do I have to feel awkward about? When you step back and think about it, wearing a condom is the safest thing you can do during sex, specifically when it’s with someone you don’t know. Which makes it more the more important to ask for one. Imagine ending up with an STD or pregnant off of a one-night stand! Trust me, you don’t want that.

So how do you approach the awkward, but not so awkward, topic of asking for a condom?

Simply say: ‘We’re using a condom’. So there really isn’t a question to ask. Be assertive and know what you want.

And if he says no, and you don’t feel comfortable going without, well 1. Screw him and 2. Don’t do anything you feel pressured into. Potentially leaving that room with a baby or STD brewing is way WAY worse than missing out on sex with a guy who refuses to think about you and your feelings.

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The truth is, is that you really, really shouldn’t feel awkward in asking for one. If you’re lucky and are in a secure relationship than you have nothing to worry about, but if you’re single and enjoying yourself make sure to keep yourself safe. You have every right to be.  

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