Anti-Frizz shampoos put to the test

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Here’s my top 5

Coming from someone with naturally very frizzy and curly hair, there is nothing wrong with letting your natural hair loose. But, for the days where you’re wanting a sleeker look, maybe a low pony or straight middle parting, there’s no harm in experimenting with products that will help you to tame the frizz. So, awaiting my favourite anti-frizz, shine enhancing and hydrating shampoos that you should always keep stocked.

Aussie Calm The Frizz Shampoo


Starting off with one of my favourites at The Femme. Now, obviously all the hype around this product comes from the fact that it’s infused with Australian hemp seed extract (a strain of cannabis), so naturally I was very intrigued to put it to the test. And I can confirm that I was not left disappointed.

With one wash, it left my hair instantly feeling smooth and frizz-free! It didn’t have that classic Aussie scent we all know, but it still smells incredible and lasted a while after washing. (And don’t worry- it’s not illegal in case you were wondering!)

Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo 

Huda Beauty


I have wanted to try this shampoo for a long *long* time, and writing this article gave me the excellent excuse to. I was first taken aback by its absolutely delicious scent- already scoring some very good points.

Its contains sweet almond and sunflower seed extract to help restore any lost moisture and leaves your hair feeling silky, silky smooth. It’s also sulphate free- which in my books is a big win.

Maui Moisture Smooth & Revive Vanilla Bean Shampoo


I have always been a huge fan of Maui Moisture, so was very excited to give this product a go! Whenever I’m looking for a shampoo, I always look for something that’s going to give moisture and shine to my relatively dry hair, and this shampoo did just that!

Its ingredients of vanilla bean, cocoa butter and Kukui nut oil transforms unruly and frizzy hair to softened and sleek locks. I’m a huge fan after one wash!

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo


I always see this shampoo popping up on my social media or see it around the stores and, if i’m honest, have always been slightly put off by the price tag- being a student and all. But with my hair, I decided to splurge. And if I can say one thing, you should too. You will definitely not be left disappointed here.

When I say it’s moisturising, I mean moisturising! My hair has never felt smoother, frizz free and just healthier feeling. Maybe not a product to use on the daily, but for those special occasions this is definitely my go-to.

Living Proof – No Frizz Shampoo


Last, but by no means least we have Living Proof, an all time staple in the hair care world. I have used this product before, truthfully through samples that I have received, and decided to treat myself to a full bottle. Probably the best decision I’ve made for my hair.

Again, it’s a little on the pricey side but I’ve always battled with the humidity when it comes to my hair, so I didn’t mind spending the cash. It completely smooths down my hair and makes it very manageable in the heat without losing its body or shine. Exactly what’s needed in a shampoo!

So really, you are spoilt for choice here. There are so many hair products out there, it’s just knowing which ones to go for. And trust me, with this selection, you can say bye bye to your old frizzy locks. 

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