These patches will get rid of your spots overnight

Girl with clear acne patch on her cheek

The ultimate beauty sleep am I right?

It’s the night before that big night out that you’ve been planning for weeks. You’ve fully prepped – tan on, nails done, outfit picked – and then you realise you’ve been greeted by an unwelcome visitor ON YOUR FACE. Great. You search up every home remedy for ‘getting rid of spots QUICK’ but alas, there is nothing you can do.

Well, now we have an answer to all your prayers! Introducing acne patches.

We know it looks a bit like you’ve covered your face in your childhood stickers. But, these patches are actually hydrocolloid dressings which absorb excess fluids such as oil or pus from spots. Meaning, that by the morning your spot will be emptied without the damage caused by popping it with your fingers.

These patches can also work to protect popped spots from bacteria so they can heal quicker. Also, if your spot is covered, you’re not able to pick at it, meaning that bacteria can’t be spread across your face.

So where can you get these miracle patches from?

Corsrx Acne Pimple packet

CORSX Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches)

For £7 from Lookfantastic, these K-beauty patches are helping your bank as well as your skin. They’re also clear so you can watch all the magic happen underneath. Perfect for the ultimate Dr Pimple Popper addict. 

Huda Beauty
Squish flower acne patches, multicolour flowers with sequins on.

Squish Flower Power Acne Patches (20 patches)

Ever been sat in bed with Sudocrem on your spots, just really feeling your most glam self? These flower patches will give you the ultimate cuteness upgrade!

As well as healing your spots overnight, they also promise to be non-irritating so perfect for sensitive skin.

Dots for Spots packaging

Dots for Spots (24 patches)

These are Amazon’s best selling acne patches. They claim to give visible results after only 6 hours of sleep. Perfect for that emergency pimple operation the night before.

A wallet of Sarah Chapman pimple patches.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Stickers (20 patches)

Meghan Markle’s facialist has launched her own line of spot patches, and if they’re good enough for the Duchess of Sussex, they’re good enough for us. These patches are also perfect for travel as they come with a wallet style holder to keep them all in neatly.

Patchology breakout box packaging

Patchology Breakout Box (48 patches and 3 nose strips)

This three piece kit has you covered for every kind of spot you can get, making for the perfect emergency kit. Plus, who doesn’t love a nose pore strip?

If your skin is feeling a little bit dry at the moment, check out our favourite moisturising products for the ultimate glowing skin.

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