Top 5 ‘Influ-preneurs’ who are smashing it right now.

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Ever heard of an ‘Influ-preneur’ before? No? Well, neither had I. 

With the world of social media influencing taking over, its no surprise that influencers are taking their expertise in collaborations and promotions to branch out and become their own successful entrepreneurs. Using their social platforms to develop businesses and to turn their passions into money making models, being an Influ-preneur is really the top of the ladder for any instagram star. I mean, if you had the loyal followers who would buy into your brand, why not make yourself some dosh?

So, at The Femme we love to keep ourselves up to date with Instagram’s best entrepreneurial successes.

Grace Beverley

Right, where else to begin than the one and only Grace Beverley. She is the best of the best when it comes to ‘Influ-preneurs’. If you don’t know much about Grace – let me fill you in. 

She began her career as a fitness and wellbeing Youtuber while studying Music at Oxford Uni. Yes, I’m talking about the legit Oxford. So tackling her studies, a rapidly growing YT channel, she started her first company B_ND, which launched as a range of resistance bands before introducing lifting straps, accessories and weights. 

Huda Beauty

Then, if she wasn’t doing enough, she set up TALA, a completely sustainable and environmentally friendly brand of fitness wear, accessories, bags and yes even bamboo cutlery. Each piece is ‘designed for every BODY’ and is made with high quality, sustainable products that won’t break the bank. 

Grace really is winning at life and is inspiring us all. 

Oh, and did I mention that she featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. What a woman. 

Montana Brown

Since coming out of the Love Island villa, Montana has really made a name for herself. Red carpets here, presenting there and now on her way to the city of angels to kick start her acting career. 

But back in 2019, Montana made her entrepreneurial debut and launched her own swimwear line Swim Society. Within the first week of release styles had ALREADY sold out. Even in April. 

The range offers a beautiful and sexy line of bikinis and one piece suits that are made for every woman of every size. Featured in Topshop, Skinny Dip and soon to be ASOS, it would be an understatement to say the brand has done well. 

And best of all, Montana promised that all photos will go unedited. What a dream! 

Olivia and Alex Bowen

They are arguably the best, cutest and most successful (yes- harsh) couple to come out of Love Island. They conquered the world of love and together went on to conquer the business world too. 

In 2019 they launched their own men’s and women’s clothing line, Exempt Society, which is expected to earn them £950,000 in the first two years. It really is everything you want in a clothing brand. Edgy, on trend but also timeless. We can really tell a lot of hard work went into this collection.

No wonder they’re expected to be one of the highest earning Love Island contestants. They really are the definition of a power couple! 

Sammi Maria

There is no better word to describe her other than ‘cool’. We really do love a bit of Sammi Maria at The Femme. She really is just a woman rocking it. 

Starting her career off as a fitness Youtuber and then heading to the world of Instagram, Sammi really has made a name of herself to be that woman you just look at and think ‘wow I wish I could be like her.’ Everything from her fashion, to make-up, to jewellery is flawless.

She has that chilled London city vibe that we all crave and is the inspo to her own jewelry line

Sammi said: “I wanted to create jewellery with a strong sense of self, reminiscent of my own ‘Laid-back City girl’ style, which also holds an emotive memory and reflective moment for me.”

”I have always felt the most alive when I’m creating; bringing something unique into the world” 

And better yet, all the materials in her collection are ethically sourced, founded and are custom made so nothing goes to waste. 

Imogen Horton  

Last, but by no means least, Imogenation. We are a huge fan of Imogen Horton here at The Femme. I mean, who isn’t?

With a Youtube channel with over 370K subscribers, a collab with Makeup Revolution and the release of her cosmetics line ‘Hunny Cosmetics’ it’s fair to say that this gal is doing very well for herself. 

Hunny Cosmetics started as a line of 5 beautiful (emphasis on beautiful) fluttery and sultry lashes (note: they are 100% vegan and cruelty free!). Each set is completely unique to the next and packaged in the cutest holographic box with the message “Thank you for being the friends I’d never thought i’d have- Your Imogen” written on the inside. I know- cute af. 

And, if things couldn’t get any better, she has now dropped a line of lip kits. Again, completely vegan and cruelty free! With one look, they’ll be going straight into your basket. 

She is our absolute favourite hun, and is completely smashing right now.

We watch in amazement at the success of these influencers who really are paving the way for the next round of entrepreneurs. And we just cannot wait.

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