Now is not the time to be doing a DIY stick and poke tattoo

The temptation is real, but stay away for now

We have all used lockdown to channel our inner hairdresser by giving ourselves a wonky trim or new hair colour. But, the one thing we shouldn’t be doing right now is experimenting with tattoos. I know it is tempting, I have even considered it to create a little lockdown memory, but it really is something you should wait and leave to the professionals. 

With lockdown boredom getting to all our heads, stick and poke tattoos have become all the hype. For those of you who don’t know what stick and poke tattoos are, they are done by dipping a needle into ink and then inserting it over and over again into your skin to create a design. So instead of using a gun to mark your skin, you are doing it yourself. 

Yes, they look cute as hell, and coming from a tattoo lover myself, I can see the fascination in wanting to experiment with one from home, but with what you are about to read, I don’t think the hassle is worth it. 

Proper sterilisation is hard to achieve

When buying stick and poke kits off the internet, it’s unlikely that they will be properly sterilised. You may be thinking all you need is a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean off any bacteria but this alone may not be enough to kill anything that can give you an infection

There is a risk of infection 

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The risk of getting an infection is just not what you want right now and not having properly sterilised tools may lead to that. It may come as a shock to you, but the human skin is the biggest organ so by potentially introducing it to foriegn bacteria will lead to infection and could become a risk of spreading disease. 

On top of that, cross contamination is also a thing. Without proper training and sterilisation procedures pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis C can be contaminated with other surfaces. 

You may be allergic 

Depending on which ink you may be using, some can cause allergic reactions to flare up on your skin such as blisters, rashes, itchiness and in severe cases could cause stomach aches and dizziness. 

Whether we’re in a global pandemic or not, the risk of this happening and taking a trip to the hospital is just not what you want. So best to avoid it completely. 

There’s a risk of a blow out

As you probably would have thought, there is a risk when doing a stick and poke that you can penetrate too far into the skin. Different parts of the body have different thicknesses of skin so if you dig too deeply, it could cause the ink to “blow out” and go blurry under the skin. Which just is not a look you want to be having. 

So I know the temptation to resist is hard. I know it is a free tattoo. But you are better off designing the perfect tattoo now and leaving it up to the pros until after lockdown. 

If you’re looking to fix your DIY craving – find out our best tips for at home box dyes or shellac nails. Trust us, these tips could save you from some unfixable tragedies.

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