Top tips for a healthy vagina

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A healthy vagina means a happy one

Just like everything in your body, you need to care for your vagina. Without the proper TLC, things like UTIs and infections can pop up which, trust me, you do not want. It’s often hard to know what the best thing for your vagina is. What products to and not use and how to keep her in tip top condition. So here is our best advice, as everyone deserves a happy vagina!

1. Let her breathe for goodness sake

The number one rule is to let her have space. Sleeping without underwear on is one of the best things you can do for your vaginal health. Infections thrive in moist, warm conditions so letting her breathe at night is the way to go. This may also help if you have abnormal or excessive physiologic discharge. And of course, it is way comfier.

2. Be picky with soaps

It’s important to keep everything clean down there, but don’t overdo it with the washing. 3 times a week max. Use something like Femme Fresh to keep your pH levels on check and an unscented soap on the outside to prevent irritations. One extra pointer: if you are douching, stop. It can actually put your pH balance off.

3. Wear cotton undies

If you’re looking out for your vagina health, go for cotton undies when buying underwear. I know they’re not a sexy as lace, but your vagina will be thanking you for it. They are most breathable and are best for sleeping in. And of course, we all like to wear a thong every now again. Whether it’s for a dress or to make your bum look extra peachy. But wearing a thong too much can cause bacterial infection which means… UTI. So, use wisely.

4. Eat the right diet

Like most of us, we are happy when we are eating. So same goes for your vagina. Feed it the right things and she’ll be good to you. Focus on probiotic foods such as yogurt and cheese as well as prebiotic foods like onions as these will help to fight off bad bacteria.

5. Wipe from front to back

It’s often easy to forget this, but this one easy move will do wonders for your vagina health. If you wipe back to front, it can transfer unwanted bacteria into the vagina such as E. coli. It’s simple but very necessary.

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6. Let’s talk about sex

One of the first rules in the rule book is to always pee after sex. Having sex will encourage bacteria to grow inside the vagina, even if semen wasn’t involved, which can lead to UTIs. And it does not stop there. Semen can actually be an irritant for some women which may change the pH levels of your vagnia which means… thrush. The devil of the vagina! So remember to pee!

Top tip: Stick to water-based lube if you frequently get yeast infections.

7. Change frequently

The best type of environment for yeast infections to grow is in moist, warm places. So after exercising or going swimming, the quicker you can change into dry underwear the better! Keep those infections away!

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