Now that masks are mandatory – here’s where you can buy them

Woman in floral face mask

Stylish and safe, our favourite combo.

Since Monday 15th June, face masks have been mandatory on public transport and in private taxis. Even though life is slowly starting to go back to normal, we still need to be cautious and help slow the spread of the virus. 

Although face masks will not prevent you from catching the virus entirely, it is vital that you wear them to protect others. 

If we are asymptomatic, or have not yet started showing symptoms, then it is possible for us to spread the virus by coughing, sneezing or even just talking in close proximity to others. This is why it has been made mandatory to wear face coverings in places where it is difficult to social distance, for example on a bus. 

However, it is equally as important that you do NOT wear surgical masks. These masks must be reserved for NHS staff and frontline workers. PPE is already in short supply, so make sure you are buying non-surgical face masks for yourself. 

Seeing as these masks are becoming a staple in our wardrobe, where can we buy them from?


ASOS are stealing the show with their variety of facemasks. They have so many styles that you could almost have one to match each of your outfits. All of their designs are washable, so multi-use, and most are adjustable or have elasticated straps so will fit all heads. No excuses now!

Huda Beauty


Topshop have charity facemasks where 100% of profits are being donated to NHS Charities Together. A double whammy, protecting and helping the cause.


Mango have some cute designs on their masks. They have 60% breathability and allow up to 10 washes. Potentially a bit on the pricey side but if you really fancy a leopard print mask, then go for it and splash the cash gal!


Boden have pretty, summary styles. They come in packs of three, are triple layered, and machine washable. £5 from each order is donated to Helpforce and so far, they have donated £1,000,000 worth of clothing to the cause. Amazing job guys! 

Mask Me

Want that designer mask? Mask Me make safe, sustainable and stylish masks with all kinds of designer fabric. Who doesn’t want to be a little bit boujie?


These bespoke masks are multi-layered, reversible, and machine washable. They have the most gorgeous tribal prints made from a durable fabric.

Now that you’ve got your masks for travelling, time to get inspired about where you can travel to. We have five city break destinations that you need to see – show the world your new mask!

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