The best TikTok fashion gurus

5 tik Tok fashion gurus stood together

These ladies are out here improving our fashion game!

TikTok isn’t just a place for dance routines and lip syncing. The app is full of tips and tricks for all aspects of life (I even learnt how to properly clean my washing machine from a video). 

There are chefs, artists, and people who seem to have a million and one life hacks. So, it’s no surprise that there are TikTok-ers who know a thing or two about fashion. 

From clothing hauls to ‘How to style’ videos, you’re never short of inspiration. But these five fashionistas always have us drooling over their outfits. 

Lydia Rose @fashioninflux
278.3k followers and 2.7m likes


Fashion faaaves! ❤️❤️ & yasss to ASOS Farleigh Jeans being a dream ? #fashionchallenge #myoutfit #outfitdetails #momjeans #cutejeans

♬ Calling All Fashion Fanatics – billiexnewland

Lydia has the coolest chic, casual vibe. 

Her videos are mostly full of inspo for multiple ways to style one item of clothing. But, she also shows genius clothing hacks such as how to hide your bra with all kinds of tops and how to shorten trousers that are too long for you. 

She posts regular clothing hauls too, so you always know what’s new-in, and on-trend.

Huda Beauty

Taylor Hage @tayhage
943.2k followers 12.2m likes

Taylor knows everything there is to know about fashion and how to achieve that Instagram baddie look with a side of chic! In otherwise, her style is cool and edgy. 

She has tips for making slouchy clothes look more put together, dressing almost anything up with a few accessories.

She also posts her ideal outfits to wear in types of locations – meaning that you have inspiration no matter the destination. 

Alice Nendick @alicex50
45.6k followers 517.8k likes


Love this day drinks vibe ? @simmishoes coming threw with the beautiful heels? #simmigirl #outfits #fits #fashion #forupage #fashioninspo #fitss

♬ my oh my slowed – newslowedsongz

Alice gives us total Instagram influencer vibes. 

She often posts her favourite outfits for the season, and styling tips for staple items. 

There are regular hauls of the coolest clothes, mostly from high street stores – showing that you never have to break the bank to look just as chic as your favourite influencers. 

If you like her vibe, she shows you how she would style herself for all kinds of occasions, so you’ll never be short of inspiration before that next night out. 

Erika Dwyer @erika.dwyer
40.3k followers 507.7k likes

Erika has that model off duty vibe.

She’s constantly educating us on our colour palette by showing us the best colour combos. 

Her videos show you how to really get the most out of each of your pieces by giving you tips for multiple ways to wear them. 

If you want to look like Kendall Jenner wherever you go, Erika has outfits for every occasion; even the cinema!

Pau Dictado @paudictado
33.9k followers 516.6k likes 


PLT HAUL! swapping sweaters for cute summer tops! everything is linked in my bio + IG: @paudictado @prettylittlething #outfits #indoorlooks #musthave

♬ Vibe (aesthetic) – evintage

Pau is the ultimate Instagram baddie. 

Her videos include her favourite places to buy from, so that you can discover new shops to fall in love with. 

She also posts wardrobe essentials and how to style each item. You’ll always be looking your best after watching one of her TikToks. 

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