Needing Some Last-Minute V-Day Ideas? Single or Taken We Have you Covered

15 Things To Make The Most of The Day

Let’s get straight to the point here. The mention of Valentine’s Day in 2021 is a bit of a touchy subject. Thanks to a global pandemic, many of us, even if we’re in a relationship, will be spending the day alone. Even if we wanted to have a gal-entines day, that’s pretty much off the cards for most of us. But pandemic or not, Valentine’s Day or not, it’s a day that falls on a Sunday and should be celebrated with love no matter what. This year everyone’s situations may be different.

You may be living alone. You may be living with your friends. You may be living with your boyfriend or in a relationship but living separately.

No matter what your arrangements are this Valentine’s Day (single or taken), here are a list of actually fun activities you can do. Just so it’s not another Sunday spent binging Netflix.

Take a virtual cooking class

Websites like 100 Pleats offer virtual cooking classes that you can take with a virtual chef. All you need are the ingredients and a grumbling tummy. Since food is the key to people’s hearts, why not give it a try.

Have a movie marathon with some pampering essentials

Huda Beauty

Now we’re in our 3rd lockdown, it wouldn’t be silly to assume that we all have Netflix at this stage. Spending the evening at home – where else – with Netflix on the go and treating yourself to some pampering essentials sounds pretty ideal.

Celebrate. Online Shop.

For the sake of one night, act like you haven’t spent the entirety of 2021 lockdown by doing just the thing. Online shopping. If you’re stuck with ideas and wanting something to do, have a browse or ‘window shop’ for some new clothes to treat yourself to. And image all the places where you’ll wear them to!

Give each other massages

A present for both you and your partner. All you need is a bottle of lotion and a candle if youre really wanting to set the mood. You don’t have to be good at it but it’s the thought that counts.

Make cocktails

What better day than Valentine’s Day to get drunk. Since we have all been deprived of our Friday night post work drinks and Saturday evening cocktails with the girls, now Is the time to make up for all those lost opportunities. Plan a girls night and bring out the alcohol. Pornstar martinis are easier to make than you think.

Go for a long walk

It’s one of the very few activities we’re allowed to do outside right now. But praying that the weather gods bring us a sunny day on the 14th, find a nice park or woods to go for a stroll. Can even pack up a hot chocolate. As we have all been cooped up, getting some fresh air does you so much good.

Have a wine and cheese board night

Who doesn’t love a wine and cheese board? Meats, cheeses, spreads, olives, crackers, bread and a bottle of wine for dinner. You literally cannot go wrong with that. Set yourself up with a delicious board, light a candle and a great film and there’s your night sorted. Best of all, you can do it on your own, with friends or with a boyfriend.

Watch a movie ‘together’

This one is for those of you in a relationship but living apart. It takes some precision, but set up your perfect environment to watch a film, get your boyfriend or girlfriend on facetime and click ‘play’ at the exact same time. Not quite the same as being together in person, but its better than nothing.

Bring out the lingerie

This is mainly aimed at those in a relationship, but if you’re single, why not! Put on some hot lingerie and enjoy your evening. Nothing gives you confidence like a matching bra and underwear set, and with it being Valentines season, the choice is endless

Take bath time to a new level

I’m not saying just a bubble bath. Treat yourself to some relaxing bath soak or bath bomb, light a candle, maybe even a glass of wine and zen. Put on some soft music and let your mind wonder off.

Simply, spend the day in bed

An activity for everyone. Whether you’re on your own for the day, with friends or with your boyfriend, who can’t turn down the opportunity to have a bed day? Start your day off with a breakfast platter and go from there. Have a nap? Read a book? Watch a good movie? Write in a journal? Sometimes we all need a bed day once in a while. 

Do some baking… and eat it

Baking is just a great way to pass time along. Instead of going for the classic banana bread or chocolate chip cookies, step out the box a bit and make something that gives you a bit of a challenge. Take a look at these cook books for some ideas:

Have a virtual pizza making date night

Since the pandemic, one thing I have personally discovered is my love for making homemade pizzas. If you want to go all out, you can make the base from scratch but a premade dough (insert) if just as good. Get your other half the same ingredients and get cooking together… kind of.

Take a virtual workout class

This may be your cup of tea or not, but if you’re in the mood on Valentines Day try doing a workout class. Could be anything from Zumba to Boxing but it will get you moving! Or- like me- sit back and watch with a box of chocolates!

Get dressed up… and down again

May seem weird- if not upsetting in the fact that you have nowhere to go- but if you’re looking for activities to keep you busy, what girl doesn’t love to get dressed up. We have all done our makeup for no reason other than… its fun. Put on the falsies, get into a tight TIGHT dress, take some pictures and pamper yourself down. Its worth the effort.

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