The Products I Used That Actually Cleared My Acne

On a budget!

Until recently, I never struggled with acne. My skincare routine consisted of taking my makeup off with a Simple makeup remover wipe and – honestly- sleeping in it if I couldn’t be bothered to take it off. I realised that my skincare routine was pretty much non-existent but luckily, I never had any problems with it.  

10 years on. I have a different story to tell. I went from being totally breakout-free to experiencing major acne on my chin. It would usually consist of a cluster of small spots and one big one that always came and disappeared in the same place. No matter how many acne clearing products I tried or hours I spent squeezing thinking it was helping, they kept on coming back. Due to hormonal changes, lots of stress at times and most recently suffocating my skin in a mask, I was constantly battling with my skin. And it was fighting back.

Sounds slightly dramatic, but I know many will relate, it ruined my self-confidence. Keeping it makeup free showed off the redness, while foundation made it look like a bar of raisin and nut white chocolate- as I’d like to call it.

Apart from not having to wear a mask 24/7, I started to experiment with the products I put on my face. Trying to find what I felt worked for me as well as sourcing products that fell in my price range wasn’t easy. While price was a big box to tick on my skincare checklist, I also wanted products that we’re easy and quick to use (a.k.a didn’t require a flannel and sink) and of course to make my skin look, smell and feel beautiful. And through my journey, I realised that you don’t need a collection of expensive products but only the ones that work for you. Skinimalism is the way forward.

If you’re still with me, here are the exact products I used in a simple skincare routine that actually cleared my acne.

If you’ve started using a new product and you’ve had a serious breakout, it might be your skin purging. We found out what skin purging actually is, and if it’s a good thing to do.

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