We Found Your ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’ Birthday Outfit

Your lockdown birthday doesn’t have to be spent in your PJs.

Almost all of us have had a COVID affected birthday by now. Some of us are even looking at a round two (we’re crying for you don’t worry). Celebrating with just those that you live with may not be how you expected to spend the day, but it’s still nice to have something to look forward to. 

If you’re trying to plan an at-home party, you may be stuck for ideas on dress code. You could go for a fun fancy dress theme, or a full glam night. But for those of us who don’t fancy wearing a dress and heels to attend our kitchen pub, the classic jeans and a nice top combo is the best way to go. 

There’s not much outfit inspiration around right now with everyone WFH, so we’re here to inspire you with some looks for your special day!

Chocolate is everything right now and this set from Motel Rocks is perfect for celebrating in style. The vest top is also on trend with the exposed seams, and since you're celebrating inside this year, going sleeveless won't even be an issue! Gone are the days where we shivered in the queue for a club (pls come back soon).

We mentioned it in our 2021 Fashion Forecast, but keyhole tops are this season's trend and we're about to see a whole lot more of it. You can never go wrong with a black tee, and this one is only £8! Stone/cream coloured trousers are also hot at the moment, especially in a relaxed fit, so complete the set with these ASOS utility flares.

You've probably seen sweater vests everywhere recently, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. For a smart casual birthday vibe, this sweater vest is exactly what you're looking for - and it's in chocolate too! Winning! Pair it with a skirt or some leather trousers and you'll be runway ready.

Huda Beauty

We think this 'jeans and a nice top' combo is perfect for a little cocktail bar at home vibe! This Oh Polly corset Bardot is so elegant and can really be dressed up or dressed down. It's more on the pricier side at £50, but if you've got someone to impress, or you're just missing getting glammed up for yourself, this may be the look for you!

Another Oh Polly outfit at a slightly more palatable price of £22. This asymmetric one shoulder crop top looks great with jeans and would be ideal for celebrating with your roomies. The exposed seams and the burnt orange colour... *chefs kiss*

Everyone's loving open back tops right now, there's something ever so sexy about a bare back. With this Motel Rocks crop tee you'll be looking smart from the front, and ready to party from the back. Pair it with some wide legged trousers, or even some flares and you'll be comfy all night!

If you watched Euphoria, you've probably been dying to get your hands on a pair of Maddy's iconic trousers ever since. Well now's your chance, use your birthday as the excuse to put them in your basket! These Urban Outfitters flares would be the coolest, sassiest way to celebrate your next year of life. Pair them with a cute halter neck like this one, or maybe a razor vest crop with exposed seams.

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