How To Heal Chapped Lips

Why we’re getting dry lips and how to make them soft again.

Has anyone else been suffering from unusually dry lips at the moment? It truly is a blessing in disguise to have to wear masks right now because these lips are not a sight for sore eyes. Painful, chapped lips are definitely something we want to get rid of ASAP. So we spoke to Therapist and Training Specialist at DermaQuest Lindsay Tallant about how we can nourish our lips back to health.

Why are our lips getting dry at the moment?

We’re experiencing dry lips more often right now because of the weather Lindsay tells us. “Very cold or dry weather can have an impact on our lips, as can exposure to the sun.”

As Spring begins to make it’s appearance, we have to endure a variety of weather conditions. One day you wake up and it’s brilliant sunshine and 18 degrees (tropical conditions if you ask me), and the next minute it’s snowing. This dramatic change in temperatures can start to really dry out our lips.

When our lips are dry, we tend to adopt the habit of frequently licking them. This is a habit we need to kick, Lindsay says: “Our saliva is drying to the skin, it does not moisturise, hence we get more sore and chapped lips by habitually licking them.”

How can we prevent our lips from chapping?

“The best thing we can do is to use a physical SPF30 on our lips – a physical SPF will contain Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. These are both mineral ingredients and can help heal as well as protect the skin on the lips, and should be reapplied every 2 hours when out in the sun.”

The Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense is only £7.50 on FeelUnique and is the perfect size for popping into your purse as a little travelling lip protection.

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Just like the rest of our body, our lips need regular hydration. “By drinking our 8 glasses of water a day, our body will be hydrated and this will extend to the lips,” Lindsay advises. She also recommends using a good product that has been designed for the lips to moisturise and protect.

“If your lips are sore, chapped, dry and irritated then I would recommend the DermaQuest CBD Blue Light Defense SPF30. This is a moisturising SPF which will hydrate and protect the delicate lip area, with the benefit of CBD which helps reduce inflammation, soothe and calm dry, irritated skin.”

What products should we avoid?

The main cause of dry lips is the products we are using. Lindsay says any product that causes a stinging sensation is not good news. “If it stings it’s not helping, it can actually cause irritation and soreness.” A good product will not cause any irritating sensations.

If your lips are chapped, Lindsay suggests ditching the flavoured lip balms: “They taste nice but will encourage you to lick your lips more often, which will remove the balm and can cause dryness from repeated licking.”

She also says, when shopping for a product, look out for camphor, eucalyptus, lanolin, and menthol on the ingredients list. They might feel nice initially, “these ingredients are all stimulating and give a cooling sensation but this can create a burning sensation on chapped lips causing more irritation and discomfort,” she tells us.

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