A Look Into How Girl Bands Have Influenced The Fashion Industry

Girl bands have a bigger impact on us than you think

Girl bands have a certain quality that is unmatched when it comes to their songs, music videos and performances. They don’t just achieve huge amounts of success, they take over the world. These groups of powerful women have huge influences on the fashion industry. They hold the power to start/bring back trends or massively boost sales by working with brands. They also aren’t afraid to shake things up, take risks and show off their individuality! So, let’s look at three of the most influential girl groups of all time and how they have impacted the fashion world.

Spice Girls

We have to start with the Spice Girls! Their success was so huge during the 90s and early 2000s that it had its own name, ‘Spice Mania’. They popularised many 90s trends including: the little black dress, animal print, platform shoes and wearing athleisure to formal events. Not to mention Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress that took the world by storm in 1997 and is still referenced to this day. It may be hard to believe that one of the most memorable pop culture dresses was made from a Gucci minidress and a towel, but it proves just how much influence the Spice Girls have when it comes to fashion.

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Obviously, these trends were not all worn by one Spice Girl, they each had their own personal style that resonated with different fans. This meant that individually they were kickstarting various trends and together they were influencing how millions of people dressed. Alongside their music and spirited attitude, their clothing empowered millions of women to just be themselves. We still look to them for 90s fashion inspiration and empowerment today!


Skipping to the present day, BLACKPINK are the latest girl band to achieve huge success in both the music and fashion industries. Like the Spice Girls, BLACKPINK promote girl power and individuality but they hold influence over a different side of the fashion industry. The high-fashion world. Each member of BLACKPINK is an ambassador for a luxury brand; Jennie for Chanel, Lisa for Celine, Rosé for Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and Jisoo for Dior. They each style clothes from these brands to match their personal style, which then inspires their fans. According to HELLOKPOP, data from Vivid Seats shows that ‘41% of BLACKPINK’s fanbase (aka BLINKS) are aged 14-18’.

By working with these brands, they are influencing their younger fans to gain an interest in high fashion. This widens the market for these high-end brands and banishes the assumption that you have to be part of a certain demographic to have an interest in luxury fashion. These women hold huge amounts of power over the typically male-dominated high-fashion world and we have nothing but admiration for them.

Little Mix

Another girl group of today that have achieved huge amounts of success in all of their endeavors are Little Mix. Their fashion evolution spans over almost 10 years and they continue to serve fashion inspiration through their group and individual projects. They had a collaboration with Pretty Little Thing back in 2019 which incorporated their individual styles. It also featured a pair of black cargo pants with bejeweled pockets that they wore on their LM5 tour. By making their tour clothing so accessible to fans, the group proved that despite selling out arenas they are still relatable and down to earth.

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Little Mix are also not afraid to experiment with their clothing. Back in 2017, Perrie Edwards wore a corset over an oversized hoodie in their ‘Touch’ music video. The outfit was torn to pieces by fashion critics at the time. However, wearing corsets over clothing (or as stand-alone pieces) became a staple trend for the late 2010s and the look continues to evolve today! Like the other girl bands mentioned, Little Mix continues to be advocates for self-expression and individuality through clothing.

We have no doubt that girl bands of the past, present, and future, will continue to be extremely valuable to the fashion industry. They are sure to keep empowering us all and pushing fashion boundaries for years to come.

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