Everything and More About AJ Tracy’s Flu Game

Grime star, AJ Tracey, released his second album Flu Game on the 16th April. 

This album was long-awaited by fans after the success of his self-titled debut album in 2019. Flu Game features other artists, with the likes of Digga D, Mo Stack, Sahbabii and T-Pain. There were also some strong female voices from Mabel, Millie Go Lightly and Kehlani. A nice mix.

In his latest Instagram post AJ thanked his fans for waiting. The album took two years to make. He said that those who don’t usually listen to his music should give this album a chance.

“I think this is my best music yet and I’m genuinely proper proud of it.”

He should be. This album did not disappoint! 

So, what did we notice?

When first listening to the album, it was interesting to see some of the tracks had an old school American vibe, especially ‘Top Dog’.

The album cover also gave off these old school vibes. Other tracks like Cheerleaders’, ‘Draft Pick’ and ‘Anxious’ were more faced-paced tracks with a loud assisting bass.

Huda Beauty

This contrasted to the tracks like ‘Perfect Storm’ which included some string instruments and ‘Numba 9’ which had a softer feel. The track ‘Summertime Shootout’ also has a softer singing style.

This combination of the two different styles of tracks in this album, the strong bass tracks and the softer tracks, helped round off the album. 

While you’ve got the tracks like ‘Draft Pick’ that you would imagine being played in a club, you’ve also got tracks like ‘Perfect Storm’ that you would play on a chilled summer evening. 

Personally, our favourite track was ‘Glockie’. Its catchy beat, along with AJ’s fast bars makes the track a stand out. Even after only one listen, the beat will stay in your head. 

AJ Tracey really did deliver with this album. It is everything we wanted and more. 

You can find the album on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and a number of other platforms. AJ Tracy’s Instagram page has links to the available platforms. 

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