On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: How to Style The Femmes Favourite Colour

After this you’ll be wearing pink everyday of the week.

Pink is bright, bold and beautiful, but styling it takes some balls. We’ve looked to our favourite influencers to see how they look pretty in pink so you can too!

Think Pink!

It’s time to channel your inner Elle Woods and think pink! Top to toe pink is to die for; whether its a boss lady barbie suit or a juicy jogger set! Let’s make Elle Woods proud.

Pink is a Signature Colour

When wearing The Femmes fave colour, it doesn’t have to be as full on as a statement suit, no matter how cute they are. You can work different shades subtly into your everyday outfits so it can become a signature colour that you wear everyday. The possibilities are endless; a cropped puffer, a handbag or even as subtle as on your nails is an easy way to elevate any outfit, especially during spring and summer.

Pink and Pastels

Pink is a versatile colour and that’s why we love it! Depending on how its styled, it can come across bold and beautiful or pretty and delicate. Pairing it with pastels will let you explore your feminine side. contrast hot pink with lilac or lemon shades just like @Bellastovey and you won’t regret it!

Pink Hair Don’t Care

Over lockdown new hair trends have emerged from DIY bobs to bleach blonde money pieces to help frame the face. And although lockdown is coming to an end, why not emerge from a year inside with pink hair! It will be your own Britney moment but instead of a break-down its a glow-up.

Pink to make the boys (or anyone) wink!

Pink isn’t a colour that has to seen. In fact – wearing it under clothes as a cute lingerie set can give you a secret boost of confidence which will make you feel strong and sexy and that’s an unstoppable combo!

Huda Beauty

Photo Credit: @barbarakristoffersen

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