Searching for Your Summer Glow? Isle of Paradise Has Your Answer

We’ve listed 5 Isle of Paradise products you need to get summer ready

As we approach tanning season, there is only one question to ask. Fake or not fake?

While we all love jetting abroad to work on that natural summer glow, unfortunately, we have to come to terms with the fact that traveling may not be an option this year. (*cry*)

Making the assumption that everyone loves a ‘caught the sun look’, choosing a bottle over the sun can be a love it or hate it scenario. For some, the thought of stepping out the house without a from-the-bottle glow is just unimaginable. While others simply don’t want to play about with the stigma of a biscuit-smelling aroma. But for those who have spent more hours mitt and stained hands than bathing on the beach, this may be worth the read.

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Yes, holidays are a faraway dream for now, but the hope for a sociable UK summer is in reach. As April 12th brings back the pub gardens, May 17th, the restaurants and June 21st, well I shouldn’t have to tell you, it’s time to start thinking about how to bring back the tan.

If you’ve lasted the pandemic tan free, or dropped your tanning game through the lockdowns, we’ve turned to one of our favourite tanning brands at The Femme, Isle of Paradise, to set you up for summer. Disproving the stereotype that all fake tans smell, leave streaks, and are a pain to blend, Isle of Paradise has quickly climbed its way up our fake-tan podium.

From traditional tanning mousses, to removers, to balms, we’ve outlined our top 5 Isle of Paradise tanning products you need to stock up on this summer. If there’s one year to get your tan looking fresh, it’s this one.  

Huda Beauty

Isle of Paradise
Ultra-Dark Self-Tanning Mousse
Ever heard of a tan with a violet base? Didnt think so. The Ultra-Dark Self Tanning Mousse has a hyper-violet base which gives up to 6 shades of dark in only 1-4 hours! Inflused with chia seeds and coconut oils, your tan will be streak and odour free!

Isle of Paradise
Happy Tan: Gradual Tanning Lotion
Got dry skin? A tanning lotion may be your go-to for achieving golden, hydrated skin. The Happy Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion allows you to customise your tan. Want natural? Go natural. What dark? Go dark.

Isle of Paradise
Light Self-Tan Drops
Tanning doesnt get any better than when you can include it in your daily skincare routine- espeically for those tanning adicts out there. SImply mix a few drops into your moisturizer or body lotion (even foundation!) and watch the glow appear.

Isle of Paradise
Blend It: Blending Balm
Okay, this is genius. We've all been disappointed after a dodgy tan job. That's where this comes in. The Blend it balm is a tan-correcting stick that blends out any streaks or harsh lines. Now there really is no excuse to miss out on a good tan.

Isle of Paradise
Over It: Self-Tan Remover
We've all been in that awks situation where you still have a bit of old tan left on, but not enough to pass the mark of going on a night out. Scrubbing your skin till it's red raw doesnt appeal and going out with 'tiger bread' legs is just a no go. Say no more, this self-tan remover is the only way forward.

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