Swifties Groupchat Reacts: Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Can’t talk right now – crying to Fifteen (Taylor’s Version).

April 9th is a day many of us have been waiting for, for what feels like forever. Taylor Swift is finally releasing the rerecording of her sophomore album Fearless; 20 of the previously released tracks from 2008 and 6 never before heard tracks from the vault!

After months of analysing her Tweets and decoding the clues she has been feeding us; Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is finally ours to have. And of course, naturally, the internet is having a complete meltdown.

Our Social Media Editor, Gracie Leader, consulted her group chat of die-hard Swifties on their reactions to finally listening to the new version of an album that they had held close to their hearts for so many of their formative years.

Okay girls, how do we feel?

@GracieLeader: Overwhelmed.

@EliseHelenaa: Not Okay.

@kamz_online: Ecstatic 

Huda Beauty

@estherbnewman: Nostalgic

What’s your favourite track from the vault?

@GracieLeader: Mr Perfectly Fine for sure – the lyrics parallels to All Too Well made me so emotional!

@EliseHelenaa: Mr Perfectly Fine- it is such a bop and makes me feel so happy and makes me want to give the middle finger to a teenage love I never had.

@kamz_online: You All Over Me – it feels like such a grown up version of Country Taylor, even though it was written back in the day. And I love its parallels to “Clean” from 1989, which was also my favourite.

@estherbnewman: We Were Happy – I used to have a bootleg version of this back in the day so it’s brought back happy memories of trawling through YouTube and limewiring anything I could find. Also I love a good sad country bop!

And your favourite from the entire album?

@GracieLeader: Hey Stephen – her voice sounds so much richer over a decade on but keeping her giggles from the original track is so sweet.

@EliseHelenaa: Tell Me Why- as a song, I wasn’t in love with it on the original but there’s something about Taylor’s Version that makes it stand out. Also, the fact that Caitlin is back to play the fiddle on the rerecords just makes me so happy I’m in love.

@kamz_online: Absolutely “Fearless”, it was never even in my top 5 last time, but hearing the album start with this song and her new, mature and, in a way, reflective vocals just made me tear up immediately. 

@estherbnewman: Come In With The Rain has always been a favourite and that hasn’t changed, but I would say that hearing Fearless with her mature vocals made me choke up like never before so I think it’s my new favourite 

Has the album shaken up any old memories from 2008?

@GracieLeader: Listening to You Belong With Me again reminded me of sitting at my family computer watching the music video on repeat for weeks.

@EliseHelenaa: It makes me feel nostalgic about discovering Taylor. Makes me feel like I’m 11 again dancing to Love Story with my sister.

@kamz_online: I remember being completely heartbroken at “Fifteen”. I remember wanting to hold on to the line “But in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team”. Now I listen to it again, in the life I lead as an adult, owning a business, living in a big city with my friends and not even remembering the name of the boy who made me cry. It felt like a reminder that things got better.

@estherbnewman: Yes! Listening to Fearless before my first ever date and then Forever & Always when he dumped me for another girl (sob); listening to Love Story whilst getting ready for my year 11 prom (in a gold dress inspired by Taylor of course!). Also, it was the era that I started drawing 13s on my hand for luck.

Who’s your fave collaborator on Fearless; Colbie Caillat, Maren Morris, Keith Urban?

@GracieLeader: Because You All Over Me was the first sing from the vault we got I would have to say Maren Morris. It just made me so excited to get the album as a whole.

@EliseHelenaa: Maren Morris- I love Maren and I honestly cried when I saw they collaborated. I wish it was more than backing vocals but I am in love with their voices together. (But also Caitlin for returning with the fiddle).

@kamz_online: Keith Urban, I love that she was promoting Fearless on his tour and now he’s featuring on the re-recording, still supporting her.

@estherbnewman: Colbie – their voices together are just as ethereal as they were back then!


If you need us we’ll be in our rooms having SERIOUS dance parties to Fearless (Taylor’s Version). And of course, starting the countdown for the next rerecord to be released!

If you want something else to listen to until then; check out our interview with Mia Giovina about her debut single Sirens.

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