David Larbi: His New Single Wash Away

We caught up with David on his journey so far: going viral on TikTok, releasing his new music, and so much more to come.

With over 9 million likes on TikTok, David Larbi is quickly becoming a big name on the app; but dances and lip-sync videos aren’t really his vibe. Instead, he gained his following from posting videos in which he dissects the lyrics of popular and cult loved songs alike to find their deeper meaning.

His love and passion for music doesn’t stop there. He has been creating and releasing his own tracks since 2019. His newest single Wash Away was dropped this April and is already looking to be his biggest song so far.

Before we got into that though, I first wanted to dig deeper about his infatuation with music.

David first started playing the piano aged 8 and loved learning about poetry in Primary School so in year 7 it only seemed right to combine his two passions and begin song writing. From there its been a natural process; learning his craft and growing his skills.

His favourite song ‘of all time’ is (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano by Sampha. He said, ‘that is lyrically, musically, one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It made me cry the first time I heard it – it which is big because I’m not a big crier. That was a song that made me think, I want to do this for the rest of my life.’

When I asked David what his musical influences were during the making of Wash Away he answered *without hesitation* Sampha and Loyle Carner. This influence is clear to see in the introspective but confessional lyrics that feature throughout Wash Away.

Huda Beauty

David said of Loyle Carner ‘He seems like the coolest guy. He always says in interviews “I’m just a guy and I make music” which is what he is, but he doesn’t realise how cool that is.’

Speaking about the meaning behind Wash Away, David spoke of his rise on social media. ‘In the last few months my audience on TikTok has really been growing and it has made me feel really anxious. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long and what I’ve been working towards but it really makes me feel nervous that it could go as quickly as it has come along.’

‘The song is about me coming to peace with the fact that I’ve worked really hard on this stuff so far and it really isn’t about if it comes or goes. it’s about if I enjoy it; no matter where I am.’

‘If everything were to go away I would still have my friends, my family, everything I love about life would still be there and its just case of rebuilding what’s already there. So, Wash Away is about washing away all those worries and fears as well as washing away the imposter syndrome. Instead of thinking “do I deserve to have this? do I deserve to belong here?” No, wash away those thoughts and enjoy where you are.’

During the journey to making and releasing this single David has learnt a lot about his craft.

‘I produce and mix and master all my own music. I started doing that not last year, the year before. This invariably means anything I released a year ago just isn’t as good as anything I release now. Which is something I in fact wrestled with a lot. I thought, “do I take music down if it doesn’t sound as good?” but ultimately I don’t think I’ll ever delete anything because it’s a sign of how far I’ve come if anything rather than being embarrassing.’

David explained how making this record has not only helped him grow as an artist but also as a person.

‘I’m now a lot more comfortable in myself. Releasing songs you’ve written about yourself and your experiences in life is such a vulnerable thing to do. You never quite get used to it but you do get better at it.’

‘Before, I wouldn’t have been so comfortable telling you about the meaning behind Wash Away because at the end of the day it is my deepest insecurities but now I’m much more used to it.’

The success of Wash Away so far has been unmatched to any of his previous projects. ‘Before Wash Away, the fastest a track of mine had got to a thousand streams was three weeks but Wash Away reached that in a day. It’s been really uplifting and really encouraging.’

Translating his success on TikTok into his music was something David was apprehensive of. ‘When I post a TikTok it feels like I’m offering my audience something but when I release a song it feels like I’m asking them for something; I’m asking them to go and listen which is definitely a lot more difficult to do.’


The light is round the corner.?

♬ original sound – David

Before I let David go I had to ask about his plans for the future.

‘I won’t say too much because I’m in the works of developing my TikTok’s into something much bigger but that will definitely be coming soon. The plan music-wise is a couple more singles over the coming months and then an EP later in the year.’

At The Femme, we can’t wait for more music from David to add to our ever-growing Spotify playlists.

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