Diamante on her sophomore album: American Dream

We asked her about her new music, her journey to being unapologetically herself and so much more.

When did you first start singing and performing?

I’ve been singing ever since I can remember! I didn’t start performing on stage until I was about 10 years old when I played the part of Sandy in my school’s production of “Grease.” From then on, I did a couple more musical theatre productions and eventually found the School of Rock in LA, where I first discovered my love for rock music. I spent the next few years playing as many shows as I possibly could up and down the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and had the honour of playing some seriously legendary venues here in LA. 

What were your musical influences growing up?

I initially grew up on early 2000s pop-rock, which was my absolute favourite! I would spend hours upon hours in my room singing along to Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Katy Perry, etc. and eventually discovered bands like Paramore and Halestorm when I was in high school. I always gravitated towards strong female voices with grit, mostly because that’s the kind of vocal I resonated with most.

Where do you take inspiration from with your songwriting?

I always seem to write from direct personal experience because it translates as the most honest and vulnerable. I like to take my painful memories and find strength in them by letting everything out on the table for everyone to hear. Putting my experiences into song and then releasing them into the world is very healing and empowering for me, especially when people then tell me a song of mine has helped them overcome their own pain.

Huda Beauty

To those who are yet to hear it; what three words would you use to describe “American Dream?”

Real, raw, and honest! What I love about this album is that I really showcase every part of who I am as a human-being on it: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t hold anything back, and there are a lot of moments on the album where I call myself out for my own bad habits. I’m not perfect, and this album definitely shows it. I think of “American Dream” as a musical autobiography in the sense that every song really did happen, down to every detailed lyric. 

How has your creative process and sound changed from your first album to “American Dream?”

The change has been a combination of my growth as a songwriter and touring artist. Whenever I would play my first album live, I was always told by fans how shocked they were to hear that the songs were much heavier live than on the album. There was always a little bit of a disconnect. This time around, I wanted to really incorporate more of that live sound, and that’s why you hear some heavier tracks on this album and a little less polish. From a songwriting perspective, I can tell that I’ve grown immensely just from the countless writing sessions I’ve done the last two years. I’m less afraid now to really say what I want to say.

What was the most challenging part of creating American Dream?

The most challenging part was definitely dealing with the ups, downs, and unpredictability of the pandemic from 2020 up until now. There were days when it was incredibly difficult to be motivated or even excited about this album. When touring was cancelled, I definitely had a bit of an identity crisis where I had to rediscover who I am without playing shows. I took all the downtime as an opportunity to keep writing though, and many songs on the album ended up being created during quarantine. 

What track on “American Dream” are you most excited for your audience to hear? Why? 

The song “American Dream!” Mainly because it’s all of my favourite elements of different genres mixed into one. The chorus is anthemic and hard rock, but then the verses have an alternative, almost pop feel to them. I would even go so far as to say that this song has a little bit of country, too. I also really love how cinematic the lyrics are, you can really see an entire movie in your head when you listen to this song. I think because it was the very last song I wrote for the album, I was really able to experiment and try anything last things I wanted to try that weren’t already on the album.

Who’s the first person you play your new music to?

My mom! Not just because she has always been my biggest fan, but because she is brutally honest, too. She isn’t afraid to hurt my feelings if she feels a part of a song could be better, and I love that I can always get honest feedback from her. She isn’t even musically inclined, but she has a great radar for feeling, and ultimately I want people to really feel something when they listen to my songs.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

My parents always told me to never waste time in life, to full-heartedly pursue what I am passionate about, and then do everything I can to be the best at it.

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? Do you have other creative outlets or hobbies that you love?

Because I am such a foodie, I always say I would love to have been a professional food critic and get paid to write about food. I love crime shows and think maybe I could have gone down the criminal justice path. I love travelling, so I could see myself being a travel journalist. I’m also obsessed with dogs, so maybe something that would have me be around dogs all day.

If you could cover any song, what would it be?

I already covered “Iris” which is my all-time favourite song, but if I have to choose another I would definitely pick any Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac song.

What is the one song that will get you out of the bed in the morning? 

Right now it’s any song off the new Miley Cyrus album! “Midnight Sky” makes me want to go dance in the mirror and get dolled up for no reason.

If you want to listen to Diamante’s new album head over to her socials! You can check out the empowering music video for “Ghost Myself,” the first single from Diamante’s independent sophomore album, here.

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