The Next Pop Icon: Dasha

She told us at the Femme how finding ‘the most dedicated supporters’ on TikTok has helped her on her journey to stardom.

It’s officially spring which can only mean one thing; all you want to do is drive with the roof down, playing your favourite playlist, and screaming along at the top of your voice.

However, if you can’t do that for whatever reason (British weather we’re looking at you). You’ve got not choice but to do what we’ve been doing, live vicariously through the girl that set up camp on our FYP and hasn’t left since: Dasha.


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♬ original sound – DASHA

But the music she’s jamming to isn’t just anyones. It’s hers. Not only is she taking over the TikTok algorithm she’s also exploding onto our Spotify.

Releasing her EP $hiny Things in March of this year and dropping her new single Love Me Till August this Friday, May 14th she’s on the road to success and we can’t wait to join her for the ride.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Charismatic, ambitious, intuitive

When did you first start singing and performing?

I first stepped on stage when I was three during a dance performance. I’ve been doing musical theatre since age five, then around age ten I started performing original songs at local coffee shops. It’s been full force ahead since the beginning. Performing is my favorite thing. 

Huda Beauty

What were your musical influences growing up?

Taylor Swift was my biggest inspiration and role model growing up. She is the reason I got into songwriting. I’ve always been very receptive and observant, so at a young age, I took little pieces of influence from a ton of people and experiences that shaped my artistry in a very authentic way. 

Where do you take inspiration from with your songwriting?

I find inspiration from very personal and relatable experiences and emotions. I make it a point to make time for myself to go have those experiences that my supporters will relate to so that the inspiration never runs dry. Sometimes it’s even the little things that will spark an entire song like the way a stranger looks at another just walking down the street or a chord progression I hear playing over the speakers at the mall. My brain never shuts off- being a songwriter and an artist isn’t a 9-5 job. I’m constantly and forever on the clock but I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

How do you feel growing your TikTok audience has impacted your singing/songwriting?

Tik Tok is such a game-changer. Getting started was the most draining thing ever but I’m so thankful I stuck with it. I’ve found my most dedicated supporters through the platform and am so grateful for every single one of them. Having a platform on Tik Tok gives my supporters an inside view of songs I’m writing right then. It’s been building a lot of hype for my upcoming singles, including my next song called “Love Me Till August,” dropping May 14th. This was my first song to blow up on Tik Tok!


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♬ original sound – DASHA

What was the process like for creating your EP? What has been your favourite stage of production?

Writing and creating the EP came very naturally. All the songs were written within a year of each other. It was the first time I felt like I was writing music that actually felt genuine to my artistry. “Finding your sound” is much easier said than done when your influences are changing constantly and the trends are moving around so much. The one constant link I found between all these songs is that all of these songs were written effortlessly. Every song off the EP was written in just a few hours, some in less than two. It was easy and natural and the songs needed to be written just as much as we wanted to write them.  

How has the reaction to $hiny Things been?

The reaction to “$hiny Things” has been overwhelming in the best way. Even in a very analytical way, my numbers and supporters have grown drastically across all platforms since the EP dropped. 

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Go big or go home” and “Community, not competition”. Wasting your energy trying to beat out everyone is just going to lead to failure. Lift up those around you and bring your homies to success with you.

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? Do you have other creative outlets or hobbies that you love?

If I couldn’t sing I’d be seriously pursuing my acting and modeling career. I did some film acting and modeling as a kid and absolutely loved it, but fell in love with songwriting and singing. In the end, I knew I was gonna find a stage somewhere. 

One movie/tv show/book you always recommend to people? 

“About Time” makes me sob every time without fail. It’s my favourite movie of all time, forever and ever. Seriously, go drop everything and watch it. “New Girl” is my favorite show ever. It perfectly summarizes my sense of humor and even on the seventh time rewatching it, it still cracks me up.  As far as my book recommendation, I just finished  “The Forgotten Garden”. It’s a great read and would highly recommend it!

If you could cover any song what it would be?

I think doing an acoustic cover of “How To Love” by Lil Wayne would be really cool. I’ve always loved the classic Y2K songs that I blasted in middle school and having a female voice on this song would be a really cool switch up. 

What is the now song that will get you out of the bed in the morning? 

“F*ck Up The Friendship” by Leah Kate has been on repeat lately. Unfortunately relatable and such a bop.  

Could you give us any hints for your plans for the future? 

I have so many new singles coming out this summer. I can’t tell you which ones yet but go check my Tik Tok @itsdashabitch and I’m sure you’ll have a pretty good guess after. Also, follow me on Instagram @dashamusic to stay up to date with my new releases!

To listen to Dasha’s new single, Love Me Till August, dropping Friday 14th May head over to her Spotify now!

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