Youtube Besties to Subscribe to for Your Weekly Fashion Fix

Eat, sleep, youtube, repeat.

After almost a year inside, YouTube quickly became the only place where we were able to feed our fashion addiction. But what YouTube besties are worth hitting that subscribe and like button for?

Sophia and Cinzia

Of course, Sophia and Cinzia are at the top of our list! Since posting their first video back in 2015, they’ve quickly become one of the most iconic fashion duos on the platform and their amazing style and infectious personalities make it easy to see why.

At the beginning of their YouTube careers, they built a strong following by posting relatable content from boy talks to clothing hauls and as their platform has grown, so has their wardrobes – now their instagrams are a kaleidoscope of outfit inspiration!

Sophia’s brings a pop of colour into your life and she is the queen of jeans and a nice top. Cinzia’s instagram offers the same amount of magic to an insta feed and her love for reclaimed vintage and high-end designers is hard to miss.

Sophia and Cinzia aren’t just any old YouTubers and made their mark in the fashion world when they released fashion edits with Nikki Studios and I Saw It First.

Their fashion ventures reached and all time high in 2020 when they launched The Girls Bathroom, their own clothing brand which sells cute jogger sets and graphic tees. These two are the definition of BOSS ladies.

Huda Beauty

Grace and Grace

Someone once said opposites attract, and when it comes to Grace and Grace, this is definitely true! These 18 year old besties from Essex may share the same name but their fashion sense couldn’t be more different and it really sets their Youtube channel apart.

Grace Foley’s style encapsulates feminine beauty. If Blair Waldorf and Elle Woods had a baby, Grace would be it! She loves to style pretty pinks and neutral tones together and wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of trousers.

Grace Shadrack’s style couldn’t be more different with clear Y2K influences and more daring silhouettes. If we had to describe her fashion sense in three words it would be sexy, risky and bold. Whatever your style, you’ll find something you love when watching Grace and Grace and that’s our fave thing about them.

Despite styles to die for, Grace and Grace are yet to release any fashion edits. But when they do, it’s going to be an expensive day for The Femmes wallet.

Syd and Ell

Here at The Femme we only have two rules: 1. Every blonde needs a brunette best friend and 2. on Wednesdays We Wear Pink. Luckily for us, Syd and Ell do both things very well, especially the first. They have been best friends forever and their infectious chemistry shines on their YouTube channel.

Syd and Ell’s channel only began in 4 years ago but their content quickly went viral, especially their ‘Outfit Challenge’ videos, in which they buy each other outfits for a variety of different occasions.

Although they haven’t been making YouTube for as long as our other duos, they have recently revealed big news, their own clothing collaboration with In The Style, a fashion brand known for partnering up with the biggest and best influencers like Saffron Barker and Charlotte Crosby and now Syd and Ell are the latest to join the hall of fame.

The range features a number of gorgeous pieces and is so versatile! In fact, Syd and Ell have their own individual collections within the larger collaboration so it’s guaranteed to have something for everyone.

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