Could Harry Styles be Launching His Own Beauty Brand?

If so, we want it all.

Actor, Singer, Fashion Icon, Harry Styles can do it all. And now, he may be adding one more string to his bow and branching into the beauty industry.

According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, Harry has reportedly filed a trademark for a beauty company, named PLEASED AS HOLDINGS LIMITED.

The magazine reports the nature of business is listed as ‘wholesale of perfume and cosmetics.’

The details are unclear as of right now. However, considering Mr Styles often carefully matches his manicures to his ensembles, many fans think a nail polish collection could be in the works.

With “STYLES, Harry Edward” named on the government filing in the UK, the 27-year-old superstar is listed as ‘Director’ alongside Emma Spring, a long-term friend and former personal assistant, of the singer.

In previous years Harry has been the face for the Gucci Memoire fragrance campaign, so perhaps a perfume line wouldn’t be the craziest thing to guess at? If this means we could all soon have a scent matching Harry Styles then we are very okay with that.

Huda Beauty

Should Styles take the direction of releasing makeup, he’ll be following in the footsteps of many celebs, including Rihanna, Addison Rae, and Millie Bobby Brown, who have all enjoyed huge success in the cosmetics industry in recent years.

All we know is, if the rumours are true, we’ll be adding ALL of it to our baskets as soon as we can.

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