Jojo Shoes: The Perfect Summer Heels for the Season of Colour

Look and feel amazing from head to heel!

Jojo Shoes are bold, beautiful and most importantly comfortable. The bright colour ways and vibrant patterns on every shoe make them the perfect heels for summer; the season of colour. We spoke to Jojo herself about why she decided to start the business, her summer trend predictions and her favourite shoe designs. So sit back, relax in your favourite pair of Jojo’s (because they are that comfy you wear them around the house) and enjoy.

“If you are a woman who loves comfort and style, then you have come to the right place.”

How was Jojo Shoes born?

“Jojo shoes was born from the love of Fashion. I have always loved heels growing up and as a little girl used to wear my aunts heels around the house pretending to be in a fashion show.” A story we think everyone can relate to.

“About five years ago I had a family event to attend and couldn’t get a sexy pair of shoe that worked well with my needy feet: wide, big feet with bunions. So that’s why I went to my drawing board and with lots of research and help of A friend in Italy, Jojo shoes came to life.”

What kind of woman can wear a Jojo Shoe?

“When asked who I design for in a nutshell, I would say I design shoes for powerful, fun, and confident women. I love colors, prints and different textures and that’s how I come about my fun designs yet trying to keep it classy.”

“If you are a woman who loves comfort and style, then you have come to the right place. Show me a woman who says sexy high heels can’t be comfortable and I would tell them they haven’t tried a pair of Jojos.”

Why are heels an important addition to a summer wardrobe?

“Shoes definitely change the whole look of an outfit, they determine if an outfit is dressed up or down. Heels add the extra pop to an outfit so a great pair will definitely be an addition to your closet.”

Huda Beauty

What makes Jojo’s different to other shoes?

“I started designing shoes with one thing in mind, Comfort. JoJo Shoes are extremely stylish without having to sacrifice comfort and our customers appreciate the difference. We are also flexible to our customers needs and we design custom shoes for special events.”

This summer we are moving away from neutral tones and are adding a pop of colour to our outfits through colour blocking complimentary colours and Jojo agreed that “bright and vibrant colours” will be every this season; she also said that,”every fashionable women will need to get a pair of easy slide on mules with a mid heel”… so get shopping ladies.

We were also lucky enough to get an exclusive for The Femme readers about Jojo’s upcoming designs. Drum roll please…. “tweeds and patent leathers.” We are excited to see how Jojo incorporates her love for colour and these unique materials to create the perfect shoe.

Jojo’s Top 3 Favourite Heels

$240 USD

$240 USD

$245 USD

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