Here Are The Top 5 Positions to Spice up Your Sex Life

How to be adventurous in the bedroom, we’ve got you covered

With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease many people have embraced the welcomed return of going to the pub or the cinema.

But there’s something that many individuals have been eagerly waiting for, and that’s the return of casual sex.

Whether you’re single and ready to get back out there or in a long term couple looking to be more daring in your sex life we’ve got you covered.

The Double Crab

For ladies who like to be on top this one’s for you! This position requires the individual with the penis or strap on to lie down on their back. The person on top balances their weight on their hands placed behind them, and their legs are crouched beside their partners chest.

We recommend going slow for this position for maximum comfort and pleasure.

This position is a bit tricky to get into at first, so be prepared for some fumbling around! But there’s nothing to fear, once everyone is comfortable and ready this position will be amazing for both of you.

Huda Beauty

The Snake

Have you ever wondered how to take 69 to the next level? We’ve got you covered with the snake.

Whoever is the strongest is going to need to do some heavy lifting. One individual will stand up straight while holding the other person upside from their shoulders.

The position provides perfect access to mind blowing oral sex. Be safe and enjoy!

The Hill

Make sure you have a comfortable floor before you try this one out!

The receiving partner stands facing the wall, whilst the penetrating partner is in a handstand position. It’s up to you who does the thrusting in this position. But perhaps the receiving partner should take this one, considering just how difficult it will be to thrust while in the handstand position.

The Superman

You’ll need impressive core strength for this position.

The penetrating partner will stand up, slightly leaned back. Whilst, the receiving partner has their legs wrapped round the partner’s body and the rest of their body is in mid air.

This one is certainly wild and if it gets too tricky we recommend holding onto a chair or shelf to help keep your balance.

The Mermaid

The most intimate position on the list!

Being picked up by your partner is wonderful and now with the mermaid its possible to be picked up from behind.

With the penetrating partner standing up, the receiving partner will wrap their legs behind their partner. Your arms will also be wrapped around your partners arms. Think of it like a backwards hug.

The mermaid makes for one incredibly hot and unforgettable position.

Stay safe, consensual and have fun!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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