Ronnie Watts: Heartbreak, Songwriting and her New Single ‘Car Ride Home.’

We caught up with the rising pop star to talk about the release of her new music.

When Pop Justice described Ronnie Watts’ sound as music you can “dance and cry to at the same time” they hit the nail on the head.

What’s notable about Ronnie is her care in not only songwriting but responsibility in the production of her music. With each release, Ronnie continues to hone in on her production and create teen tragedies that are well beyond her years. Her care and passion for being in control of her own artistry sets her aside as a pop artist to watch.

When did you first start singing and making music?

“I’ve been doing music my whole life! I come from a really creative and musical family so I’ve always loved it. When I was little I was in musicals and I had the best time making funny videos with my friends. So I always knew I wanted to be a performer.”

What were your musical influences growing up?

“I grew up listening to music that varied from The Beatles and Queen to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. I’ve always been interested in all different types of music. I think that’s been really beneficial to me as a musician because I’m inspired by all different types of artists that blend into my own individual style of music.”

Who’s the first person you play your new music to?

“I’m so reluctant to share my music with anybody at first. I keep most songs to myself for months. If my parents beg me enough I’ll share my new music with them, and of course, I have to share with my team. Once a song has been brewing for a while and is close to being done with production then I’m much more eager to share!”

When are you the most inspired to make music?

“I’m most inspired when I see other artists making great music. Good music inspires me so much, as well as the artists. Seeing and hearing the great things that they’re creating pushes me to want to do the same thing.”

Huda Beauty

What was the process like writing and producing Car Ride Home?

“I sat down at a piano and wrote “Car Ride Home” pretty quickly. The production took a bit longer because we weren’t sure what direction we wanted to take the song. Harper James produced the track and his work is always fire. He’s so great with the ideas he brings to the table, as well as really understanding my vision for the song.”

What has been the reaction to Car Ride Home?

“I’m so thankful to everyone who’s listened to “Car Ride Home.” All the sweet messages mean so much to me. I definitely don’t take any of it for granted.”

What is your favourite part of the process when creating a track?

“I love it all, but one of the best feelings of the process is getting sent that first try at production. You can really see the song start to come together and you can truly begin to hear the potential it has. It’s really exciting!”

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Fake it until you make it. No one really has any idea what they’re doing, but if you pretend like you do, eventually, you’ll to where you want to be anyway.”

If you could cover any song what would it be?

“What the Hell by Avril Lavigne. It still makes me dance as hard as I did but I was 8.”

What song could you listen to on repeat for the rest of your life?

“You & Jennifer by Bulow. That was my most played song of 2019. I love it so much. The rhythm of the lyrics is super cool, it’s so addicting to listen to.”

What’s your biggest strength? 

“I like to think I’m a good listener. I really enjoy listening to other people’s stories and how they’re feeling. It’s the best feeling when you can tell someone really cares about what you’re saying so I try to be that for other people.”

What are you currently reading/watching? Do you have any book/TV/Movie recommendations for us? 

“This past year I’ve become obsessed with Love Island UK. It’s become my comfort show. I’m from New York so I find the slang they use to be just the best thing ever. Now I walk around saying, ‘do I have mug written across my face??’ after any small inconvenience.”

What’s next for you? Any plans for the future? 

“The plan is to be releasing a lot of music! I’m so excited and I’m itching to get the songs out there. I can’t wait for everyone to hear.”

Car Ride Home and more of Ronnie’s music are available on all streaming services.

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