Cultured Biomecare: The New Probiotic Brand That is Revolutionizing Skincare

Trust us, this is one launch you don’t want to miss out on

In the modern era of skincare, there has been a major progression from what we look for in a product. Only a few years ago we were presented with the same assortment of moisturizers, cleansers and serums that each promised the same thing. Now, we aren’t just interested in our skin looking good, but we want it performing to its maximum potential.  

Future-forward beauty products are dominating the industry with brands experimenting with science and technology to

20 years after co-creating REN skincare (which we all know and love) Rob Calcraft has launched its revolutionary brainchild, Cultured Biomecare that marries skincare with probiotics. The new trio, Biome One Serum, Mask and Cleanser, is formulated to support and compliment your microbiome by helping the skin to protect itself.

If the term ‘microbiome’ is a bit fuzzy (and you wouldn’t be judged on that) in the simplest of terms your microbiome on your skin is a collection of bacteria on the surface of your skin that helps to protect your skin from harmful pathogens. When there are too many ‘bad’ bacteria on the skin and not enough ‘good’ it can lead to skin complications such as acne and inflammation. So, a good microbiome = good skin.

In an essence, the new probiotics skincare range is designed to feed your microbiome bacteria that will promote healthy skin growth and improve its immune health. If you didn’t have a newfound respect for Cultured Biomecare, I sure hope you do now. Each product in the range contains a perfect balance of prebiotics, probiotics, ferments, and micro-algae extracts that promise to “repair, protect and renew the skin.”

If you are looking for a full breakdown of a select few ingredients and what they do:

Huda Beauty
  • Symbiotic black-tea ferment: Fights free radicals
  • Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate: Helps hyperpigmentation
  • Inulin: maintains and strong microbiome
  • Postbiotic Lactococcus ferment: to encourage epidermal growth and speed up the skin’s ability to self-renew.

Impressive right? And if the science behind the skincare can’t persuade you, how about the cute, pop-art style, sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable class and coated with water-based paint.

With only three beautifully formulated products, they are the perfect capsule collection for achieving healthy, superior functioning skin.

Shop here: Cult Beauty

Cultured Biomecare
Biome One Cleansing Balm


Cultured Biomecare
Biome One Serum


Cultured Biomecare
Biome One Mask


Photo Credit: Cultured Biomecare

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