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Music, memories and a whole lot of madness.

Reptile Room are very quickly becoming a name that you want to be aware of in the music world. From working on Grammy-nominated music with Ariana Grande (fan girl moment) and producing music for Post Malone & Tyla Yaweh’s tour; like its causal, the trio are here to share to the world their addictively catchy pop music and zest for their love of music.

So, we spoke to Sami Michelsen, vocalist of the electronic-pop trio Reptile Room, about their new single Disappear.

When did you first start singing and making music together

I’ve been singing since I was a little kid…but the guys and I were in my first band together when I was 15!  They were jamming with friends in middle school and I bullied them into starting a band with me. We were a trio then and after taking different paths through growing up we ended up as a trio again.  It’s so funny how life works out like that. Full circle.

What drew you together to start making music as a group?

Reptile Room came about after a few awesome studio sessions we had together…I think we were randomly working on stuff and after three or four wicked demos we decided we wanted to take it more seriously.  The three of us ended up producing an EP that encouraged us to really get to work, and our LP came soon after.  “Talk” was a single that got us signed with Om Records right after the release, and we knew we had something killer, so it was easy to keep working on it…being best friends doesn’t hurt either.

Who takes what role in the process of creating music?

All of our music is a group effort, but we all have specialities…I focus on lyrics and melodies.  Bill is a Grammy Award Winning Engineer and has a way with sounds and beats.  Sean is an incredible composer also, but we all have our ideas about all of the parts in every song – we each have things we want to hear so we are always making sure we are collaborating in equal parts.

When are you the most inspired to make music?

Personally I find myself writing a lot in the middle of the night or early in the morning.  The work I do in the middle of the day is still important, but the wild gifts from the universe come to me when I’m least expecting them…and I’m always skirting the edge of exhaustion when they’re really magical.

Huda Beauty

What’s the best thing about working as a group?

We are all best friends, so we support each other endlessly…it makes being vulnerable with each other that much easier and that much more fun.

What was the process like creating Disappear?

Disappear was an amazing song to make.  It was relatively effortless…Sean’s guitar was a big focus and Bill went to Florida and really dialed in the beat.  It was really inspiring to be away from the track and come back to the new vibe that he had created.  It was really easy to finish those lyrics once it all came together.

What has the reaction been like to Disappear so far?

Everyone really digs it!!  “Disappear” just came out, on the end of our previous release, “Better”, which was a really well-received also…so we are eager to see what people think about it as time goes on.

The music video was an incredible experience and it’s our favorite video to date; we couldn’t be more proud!

If you could cover any song what it would be?

We have a YouTube series called “Reptile Plays…” and we’ve done several tunes from our favorite artists like Banks and Tame Impala…I think my favorite is “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac.

I’d love to cover some Lana Del Ray, though.

What song hypes you up to perform?

“Shadows” is one of our more recent releases…that along with “Sunlite” and “Games” are all crazy fun to play…but “Lights” is one of our first singles and it still hypes me up like it did when we first wrote it.  I’m eager to start performing the new material too.

Where are some places you would like to visit?

I’d love to perform in Holland; I think they’d really dig our songs…but I would love to crush LA and NYC also.  If I’m honest, I want to play all over the world!!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen your other band members do?

Well, we grew up together, so I’ve seen a lot of things – the whole ride is wild. Hard to recall the wildest!

What’s next for you? Any plans for the future?

The plan is to get a tour together and hit the road!

We’ve got two more releases to debut with videos, so in the immediate future we will be focusing on that…but the long-term goal is to finish putting out these next two tracks.

To listen to Reptile Room’s new single Disappear you can access it all across streaming services!

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