I Went to Reading Festival 2021- Here’s Everything You Need to Know

It didn’t disapoint

When I first bought my tickets for Reading Festival, I had accepted that it would likely be cancelled. Forward one week before when I realised it was going ahead and I needed to get organised. Fast.

I spent four days in a field, surrounded by thousands of people, seeing the best artists in the country. I can confirm there is no other experience like it. 

Friday was the line-up I was most excited about. It included Sam Fender, Aitch, AJ Tracey and Stormzy. All artists I had wanted to see for so long. I had been prewarned that the mosh pits at Reading festival could be lethal. When Aitch’s set started I saw it first hand, getting dragged into many mosh pits. In my opinion, the crowd for Aitch’s set had the most energy. Definitely one of my favourite acts of the weekend. 

Headliner, Stormzy, took to the main stage Friday night. Everyone was raring to scream the infamous line in Vossi Bop. There was also speculation surrounding who Stormzy would bring out. Personally, I had thought it may be Ed Sheeran. People were hoping that it would be Satan Dave, but I thought that was unlikely. So when Dave walked onto the stage I was very surprised, the crowd went crazy. A surreal experience to see two of my favourite grime artists on the stage together.

BBC Music

Tyga’s performance on Saturday evening was a big surprise for me, he wasn’t one of the artists that I had wanted to see but he turned out to be my favourite act of the whole weekend. The atmosphere in the BBC 1 XTRA stage was off the charts. My highlight had to be his performance of his hit song Rag City which was stuck in my head for days after. 

Sunday’s headliner, Liam Gallagher, was quite the tease. After one hour of the set he said it was his final song and then left the stage. All the lights went off and we all started to leave. My friends and I coming out of the toilets saw the lights again. He had come back on stage. We went back over and listened to what we thought was the end of the set. He said goodnight and left. As we were walking away again, he came back on! And finally, he performed the legendary Wonderwall. Although slightly confused why he kept leaving, I was very lucky to have stayed and heard it live. 

Huda Beauty
BBC Music

And of course, I couldn’t talk about my experience at Reading festival without mentioning camping. I stayed in green camp, very close to the arena which was very convenient. I would recommend green camp for anyone going in the future that wants to be close to the arena. There were also lots of food stalls in the camp. I had heard stories of the toilets in the campsite at Reading about how disgusting they are. I can confirm the toilets were the worst part of Reading festival. 

Despite that slight pitfall, it was the best few days of my summer. The experience of being surrounded by people that are all so excited and happy to see some of the best artists in the world. I also loved the fact that I barely even used my phone because I was so in the moment. Reading festival should definitely be on your bucket list for next summer.

Photo Credit: Ticketarena

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