I Went to London Fashion Week- Here’s What I learned

Surely was a day to remember

Every year as summer draws to a close, the sadness is padded by the knowledge that Fashion Month will soon begin. In the UK, the capital comes alive for London Fashion Week, a week I always look forwards to, although this year more than any other – because, for the first time, I was going to be there.

Like many other fashion fledglings looking for a way into the industry, I was an intern at one of the shows and it was an experience to say the least. Although you can’t learn everything from one show, I did gain a little insight into the extraordinary experience that is fashion week.

My day started at 5am, wearing my most fashion-week-worthy, all-black outfit (all interns must wear black) to catch a train into London. Once I got to the incredible location, in which the fashion show was being held, I began to learn a lot about the fashion world.

1. Fashion people are nice

It is such an outdated perception, yet so many people still believe that no one in fashion is friendly. False. Whilst it is an extremely competitive industry, it is also one that thrives on collaboration and fashion week is the perfect place to network. I met so many genuine people and it was amazing to talk about fashion with people equally as passionate as I am.

2. Fashion shows don’t always go to plan

The fashion show was extremely well organized, we got told we would be allocated a model to dress and would receive photos of their outfits before the show in order to dress them correctly. It did not go to plan. The rehearsal overran by a lot leaving models wondering which look was their first, interns running around to help random models fasten up random buttons and others shouting out names in order to get the looks in order or to get the models to the runway. It was chaos but it was an incredible rush.

3. Expect nudity

Obviously, at the fast pace that models need to get changed, they don’t have time to be modest. I, however, did not take that into consideration until it was call-time and I was trying to divert my eyes whilst doing up buttons and fixing earrings.

Huda Beauty

4. There is a lot of waiting around

Aside from the 15 minute blast of energy that is the show, the day consisted of quite a lot of waiting. There were odd jobs like putting the clothes on the racks, putting the shoes into the right pairs and helping to put images into the order that the models would be walking in, but aside from that there wasn’t much for interns to do before the show itself. That free time was valuable though as it allowed for networking and chatting with fellow fashion enthusiasts.

Photographed by Acielle / StyleDuMonde

Catch up with the events of fashion week here

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